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The Christini AWD system provides real world benefits to riders of all abilities without compromising the performance of the motorcycle.


When tested under the most demanding conditions the All Wheel Drive system improves the performance of all motorcycles.  You are able to conquer the gnarliest hills, roots, logs, ruts and mud that on a conventional motorcycle would cause havoc.  On all surfaces the Christini AWD system dramatically improves the straight-line stability and cornering ability of the motorcycle.  The AWD system substantially reduces rider fatigue and makes the motorcycle noticeably easier to ride, allowing a faster and longer ride time.  With a simple flip of the engagement switch the AWD system can be turned on and off.  When engaged, power is transferred immediately to the front wheel that would otherwise be lost due to wheel spin.  The entire system adds only 6.8 kilograms of weight and requires less than 1/10th hp to operate.  The AWD system is easily maintained and does not require any special tools.


The Christini AWD system has been extensively race and endurance tested with a proven track record of reliability in World Enduro, GNCC, Endurocross, Red Bull Last Man Standing, and Hare scrambles.  It has also proven its durability with riders covering in excess of 70,000 kilometres on the Christini All Wheel Drive system.

The Christini All Wheel Drive System Advantages:

  • Increased traction and stability with no torque effect
  • Improved cornering on all surfaces
  • Only 6.8 kgs added weight
  • System uses less than 1/10th horsepower to operate
  • Faster acceleration
  • Unmatched hill climbing ability
  • Easily serviced with no special tools required
  • Reduced rider fatigue
  • Rider benefits for all abilities
  • Improved rider safety



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