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Basics of the Christini AWD system

The patented mechanical AWD system uses chains and shafts to drive the front wheel.  Power moves from the dual counter shaft sprocket up to a right angle gearbox and clutch, to the head tube and triple clamps where power is split to the counter rotating telescopic drive shafts that run parallel with the forks down to the dual drive front hub.

The front wheel is driven at a slower rate than the rear wheel (approximately 80%).  In ideal riding conditions with lots of traction, the AWD system is spinning but not transferring power, one-way clutches in the front hub allow it to freewheel faster than the drive system.  The system is passive at this point, ready to transfer power when the drive ratio changes, like when the rear wheel loses traction and spins faster relative to ground speed or the front wheel slows down, like in a bog, sand, logs, rocks, etc.  When traction is lost power will be seamlessly transferred to the front wheel until the rear wheel retains traction.



The operation of the front hub can be compared to pedaling a bicycle down a hill.  You are pedaling, but the bike is rolling faster than you can pedal.  When the bike gets to the bottom of the hill, your able to transfer power again as the bike has slowed down.

Another advantage of AWD is that the front wheel does not want to wash out.  Without the AWD system, the front end tucks, the wheel stalls, stops turning, and begins to push. With the AWD system, as soon as the wheel begins to stall, power is delivered to the front wheel, forcing it to turn. With the front wheel under power, it is nearly impossible to wash out the front end.



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