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All-Wheel-Drive motorcycles to launch in Melbourne next week
Posted on 12 Nov, 2012

A new range of All-Wheel-Drive range motorcycles will launch to the public for the first time at the Australian Motorcycle Expo Melbourne next week.

Christini Australia will launch its AWD 250, 300 and 450 machines, in addition to performance packs and frame kits for a selection of brands.

The patented mechanical system delivers power from the motorcycle transmission through a series of chains and shafts.

It works in a similar manner to four-wheel AWD vehicles, whereby the system powering the front wheel is driven at a slightly lower rate – approximately 80% – than the rear wheel.

In optimum traction conditions, the rear wheel will actually drive faster than the front AWD system, with one-way clutches in the front hub allowing the front wheel to freewheel.

When traction is lost the AWD activates, transferring power to the front wheel until traction is re-established.

Cornering and straight-line stability are dramatically improved, and the AWD system relieves rider fatigue, allowing faster riding, for longer.

Jeff Gleeson from Christini Australia said initial interest in the bike was promising.

“We’ve been fielding plenty of enquiries from people interested about the bikes and just how much difference the All-Wheel-Drive system makes to riding,” said Gleeson.

“Gimmicks can come and go but this is real technology that every rider can use for a more stable and comfortable ride.

“The difference between an off-road bike with drive from both wheels and the normal single wheel drive is night and day – we think the local market will love it.

“The Australian Motorcycle Expo will be our first big showing and it’s encouraging to know that many visitors are making the trip to check out the bikes in the flesh.”

A limited number of test units have already been tearing up the dirt at local tracks.

Motocross Club Coach Jason Billing said the Christini 300 and 450 machines he tested were much more than just a concept.

“The thought of the front wheel driving and throwing roost with the obvious traction benefits really intrigues the mind and fires up the novelty of a good old-fashioned trail ride with the toughest hills you can find,” said Billing.

“Once you ride the Christini you know you’re not on a regular bike, they pull you through ruts and gnarly rough corners are much more confidence-inspiring when you open up the throttle.

“The real fun was in the slippery clay single track where obstacles like logs, roots and jump ups become a breeze.”

The lightweight AWD system has been tested in the toughest of conditions and has a track record of reliability in World Endurance competition, Endurocross and the Red Bull Last Man Standing, amongst others.

Christini Australia is just one of the many distributors and manufacturers confirmed for next week’s event at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre from the 23rd to the 25th of November.

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